woensdag 1 december 2010

Jij, en enkel jij

het kriebelt in mijn lijf
als het twinkelt in je ogen
en als je lippen zouden zijn
waar de mijne mochten komen
nu, enkel in mijn dromen

Het gloeit op mijn huid
als we elkaar raken
en als je handen zouden zijn
waar de mijne willen komen
nu, wel willen, maar niet mogen

Het pulseert door mijn bloed
dat wat ik voel voor jou
en als je hart ooit zou vinden
wat het mijne al gevonden heeft
Je weet het nu, maar moet me niets beloven

vrijdag 26 maart 2010

For R33S

I know you for a little while
and when we tweet you make me smile
you're funny, sweet and truly kind
you've found a spot inside my mind

we share some burdens and some joys
We both love our cool iphone toys
we're getting closer every day
even though you live far far away

So if you need someone to talk
or just someone to take a walk
I'll be right there in mind and soul
to hug you tight and take a stroll

Or hug you tight and make you smile
or watch sleep just for a while
So even though this is just the start
you're on your way to reach my heart

maandag 22 februari 2010


let me show you
the magic of this world
under the whispy cover
of a moonlit sky

let me show you
what i have to offer
under the loverly cover
of love we make tonight

let me show you
the place in my heart
that will always be yours
even when we are apart

let me show you
how we intertwine
how we define
me being yours
and you being mine

vrijdag 8 januari 2010

Darkness Rising

I'm running, I'm screaming
don't you get the feeling
that we're being watched
that they're all around?
I'm hiding, I'm crying
Can't you see I'm trying
just to get away
please, dont' make a sound

Can't you see the darkness rising
the demons crying
creeping, wheeping
softly at your bedroom door?
Can't you hear the whispers of madness
the despairing carress
that the light of heaven is here no more.

It's closing, It's reaching
a painfull lonely teaching
that the end is near
you won't get away
It's feasting, It's feeding
and next will start the breeding
if you think you can defeat us
well just come and play.

donderdag 7 januari 2010

Cold Fusion

Hands carress me, have no fear
angel eyes, your death is here
gently linger in desguise
even in death, you live your lies
Fingers touch me, touch me here
devil stare, so very near
evil masks, that hide a smile
oh I'd wish you'd stay a while.

Touch me, Kiss me, Kill me now
just take away all sorrow now
Touch me, Kiss me, Don't you see
There are no feelings left in me.

Body touching, oh so cold
fuse me to your burning soul
and burn me, burn me way in deep
your heart is where i hope to sleep
You linger, linger on my skin
papercuts of ruby sin
on red stained masks, that hide a smile
will you go or stay a while

Just crush me in infinity
and feast on my insanity

Touch me, Kiss me, Kill me now
just take away all sorrow now
Touch me, Kiss me, Don't you see
There are no feelings left in me.